Cruising as a family – tips and tricks

It can be scary to go on a cruise for the first time. The concept is pretty different from any travel you might’ve done, so you don’t know what to expect. Still, there are lots of cruise lines that offer family packages and will take good care of you. You only need to know how to find them. So without further ado, this is everything you need to know before booking your first family cruise.

Facilities onboard

Family cruises are a  good opportunity to spend quality time with your children as well as parents. But not everyone in the family is interested in the same thing. You want to book a cruise that offers wide variety of facilities, from dining to sports activities and outdoors facilities like swimming pool. Some cruise ships also have movie theaters and even offer theatre performances. There are also usually variety of dining options, from guilty pleasure fast food to restaurants with a more classy atmosphere.

Finally, most cruise ships have several swimming pools of different sizes and shapes. Swimming is something your entire family can enjoy, so don’t forget to pack a swimsuit. Cruises have plenty of space on the deck, so cruising is a perfect opportunity to sunbathe as well.

Make sure to pack swimsuits to enjoy everything cruises have to offer. Also pack any gear that may be necessary to enjoy activities onboard. I personally recommend getting a custom cruise t-shirts for families to add a bit of fun.

Dining facilities

Personally, I love traveling because it allows me to have delicious local meals and try new things. When you’re on a cruise, you spend most of your time on the ship, but best cruise ships have restaurants that serve meals from different cuisines and prepare them to perfection. Cruise food is not similar to airplane food, It is much better.

A cruise should have food options for everyone – children as well as seniors. For example, P&O cruises offer a buffet so you can walk up and grab a snack. There is no dress code, most important thing is that you eat. These buffets offer a variety of food – burgers, sandwiches, and even pizza. These buffets are included in the cost, so you can satisfy your hunger for no additional price.

There are plenty of specialty restaurants as well. You can go as a whole family and try your favorites. Or you can make use of children’s restaurants with playgrounds, and adults go to a nearby restaurant to enjoy a nice meal.


Cruise ships offer a number of other experiences as well. Last year we went on a cruise that offered rope-walking experience 50 meters above the ocean. It was very safe, but also thrilling to literally walk a tightrope. I’ve also seen mini golf court, but did not take part in it. A lot of families were playing mini golf and it seemed like something that would be a lot of fun for a whole family. Cruise ships also have various tech gadgets as well as card games and puzzles, so everyone can find something to do.


Over the course of several days, cruise ships can take you to many wonderful destinations that you wouldn’t have chance to see otherwise. Last year we saw several Italian seaside cities this way. Sometimes ships stop at a port for a long time. If you want to spend time exploring local places, book a cruise that stops for at least a full day.

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