User-friendly features you can implement with React

Every business needs to have an internet presence. These days there are millions of websites and web applications competing for users’ attention. For this reason, web application needs to be easy to use and user-friendly. Otherwise, users will go to competitors’ websites and businesses lose out on a valuable customer.

Certain web application features are especially popular among businesses. For example, lazy loading is a prime example of a great feature that businesses want. It increases user retention and improves the experience for users with slow internet speed. This is just one example of a great UI feature that can be implemented with JavaScript. In this article, we’ll talk about more features.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


If a web application requires a lot of typing, autocomplete can be very useful. Users don’t like to type and autocomplete minimizes the amount of characters users have to enter. It can also be used to collect user inputs more accurately. When users type themselves, they might make a mistake or their input might have a typo. Autocomplete eliminates some of that risk.

You can implement the autocomplete feature with plain JavaScript, but many web developers like to use frameworks like Angular, Vue, and React. The latter has a number of packages and utilities that allow you to easily implement autocomplete feature in React.

Smart forms

This is another excellent feature that makes it easy to collect user inputs. Smart forms are a general label for user-friendly forms and their features.

Form validation is perhaps the most important feature of smart forms. It verifies submitted data and ensures its validity, so you know that collected data is verified. For example, form validation would check if the value entered into ‘Email’ field contains @. If it doesn’t, then the user has not entered a real email, and the form will highlight the error.

Another excellent feature is to empty the form after submit in React. If you want users to submit a form multiple times, it’s a very good idea to implement the ‘reset after submit’ functionality. Users don’t like to delete their previous inputs, it’s a hassle. As a web developer, you should delete it for them.

SimpleFrontEnd has published an excellent guide on how to do this in React. I’m sure there are other guides on how to do this with Vue, Angular, and other JavaScript-based frameworks.

Dark / Light mode

It has been proven that dark mode is easier on the eyes. Especially if someone has to look at your website for hours on end. It makes perfect sense to give them the option of using dark mode.

I know for a fact that dark mode is easy to implement with React. It shouldn’t be difficult with other frameworks and tech stacks either.

Expand / Collapse feature

Modern web applications have too much information in them. Developers can implement expand / collapse feature to allow users to see what they want to see, and ignore the rest. Users will greatly appreciate this and keep coming back to use your web application.

Infinite scrolling

Users often have to browse multiple pages of products, blog posts, or any other list. Infinite scrolling is the alternative to pages. Instead of having to go from one page to another, new contents are automatically loaded as soon as the user reaches the bottom of the page. This is an excellent feature, especially for e-commerce stores.

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